24+ Advanced Learning Loans



With the help of 24+ learning loans

Ready for a change?

Many of our students are looking to change career and that's why they have enrolled on one of our vocational courses. We commissioned a piece of independent research to discover if many other adults were unhappy in their careers and, if so, what was the cause?

Our survey said...

Over half of the people taking the survey had no idea of the type of career they wanted to follow by the time they reached higher education.

36% said there was no support or advice on-hand re subject choices to help with their career decisions.

When you start working in a job you may not know if it's for you. You might not have had the qualifications to make a start with your dream job.

Your way to make a change without a worry

Without paying one penny up front you can enrol on a course with a QCF listed qualification and only begin to pay back that loan when you are earning over £21,000 per annum.

Not only that...

You can train for new job whilst still in your old one because all these courses are offered via distance learning with Stonebridge, and our full tutor support.

Teaching Assistant, Early Years & Education

Beauty, Massage and Hairdressing

Business, Administration & Hospitality

Counselling, Health & Social Care, End of Life care and Foot Health Practitioner

24+ loans in action...

Teaching Assistant

Now my kids have grown up I want to return to a teaching role and the 24+ Learning Loan has enabled me to take the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools QCF course which will sharpen up my skills and help me get a TA job. (name withheld)

Early Years

I'm just completing the basic TA course and wanted to progress to the CACHE CYPW (Early Years) diploma QCF level 3. The 24+ Loan is a great thing because I will only have to start paying it back when my earnings rise above the £21K mark. Support from Stonebridge is always of the highest standard. (Gemma Richardson-Stuart)

Specialist Support TA

I've already completed a level 4 Psychology course with Stonebridge and am also on the level 5 CBT one. What this 24+ Advanced Learning Loan has done is let me enrol straight away onto the QCF listed Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools. I must add that the Tutor Support at Stonebridge is superb. (Donna Neal)

Health & Social Care

The 24+ Loan was the key factor in my decision to choose to study with Stonebridge, as it allowed me to study the Health and Social Care (Adults) Diploma QCF Level 3, without having to pay the course fees up front thus making it a financially viable option. I am really pleased with the course and the support has been excellent! (Lisa Back)


Just visualize what the 24+Advanced Learning Loan could do for you.

Choose your course now, apply for the loan today and get the life you really want.