Animal Psychology



Animal Psychology

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This course will offer the learner a rewarding way of learning everything required to enhance their animal psychology and behaviour knowledge base.

Looking after pets needs and understanding them is very rewarding. This course will cover the natural instincts and behaviours of dogs, cats and other common pets. It includes domestication, and  how to prevent psychiatric issues . You will also learn how pets think, learn and feel, why they exhibit a certain behaviours and how to read their communication signs.

This course is ideal for anyone, whether they are considering a career working with pets, pet owners, as well as people looking to provide a service in the growing need for pet psychologists or someone who wants to gain a much better understanding and knowledge of pet psychology.

The course is broken down into 12 modules that contain the information needed to get the learner started in the field of animal psychology. Each module will end with a assignment for the learner to complete. All material will be presented in an organised, easy-to-understand format.