Animal Studies BTEC (HND)



Animal Studies BTEC (HND)

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Animal Studies (HND) Course

About Our Animal Studies Higher National Diploma Course

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn the knowledge, skills and tools essential to the many facets of animal studies. The animal studies vocational training course will prepare you to enter a higher education degree programme, or enter directly into employment in management.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the anatomy, physiology, health, disease, nutrition, behaviour, and inheritance processes of various mammals, and much more.

You may take up to 2 years to complete this course and you will receive unlimited tutor support throughout.


BTEC (Business Technical Education Council) courses are vocational-related training courses that prepare you to enter either into a higher education degree program, or directly into employment. BTECs are developed with key representatives from their respective industry and are built to progress the learner along a vocational path. The courses are continually updated with employers’ needs in mind so that you are given the knowledge, skills and tools most suitable for your field. BTECs also provide direct advancement into university programmes.

BTEC HNDs (Higher National Diplomas) are at the fifth level of the BTEC scale. They are worth 240 credits and are equivalent to a Foundation Degree or HE (Higher Education) Diploma.

You can take BTEC courses together with, or instead of A-levels.

What Can I Do After Completing This BTEC Animal Studies Course?

Once you have successfully completed this course you will be able to use your HND in Animal Studies as a qualification to enter into university, complete a final year of study, and obtain a full degree.

To view direct progression routes from BTEC HND, and the range of worldwide universities this qualification is recognised by, please download this Progression Details Document. Please note: this list is not exhaustive.

In addition, the download file also contains the professional bodies you will be entitled to join after completing BTEC HND studies. Please note the professional body will depend upon your course title. Please also note: the list is not exhaustive.

Here is an updated list of UK Universities which will accept the BTEC HND as a qualification with which you can top up with a third year at university to gain a full degree.

Financing Your HND Animals Course

You have options for financing your BTEC course. You can either pay everything up front so you don't have to think about it again, or we have an instalment payment plan available, whereby you pay a deposit of £194.44 plus 17 monthly intalments of £194.44.