Aroma Stress



Aroma Stress

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Stress is singularly the greatest cause of ill-health in our society. It is important to realise that however well you appear to cope with everyday life, you will experience stress to some degree. Moderate amounts are good for you, and can improve your performance, your efficiency and productivity.

But too much may generate disabling emotions such as anxiety and tension, difficulty in thinking clearly, and a wide range of behavioural responses. Severe and chronic stress, releases a flood of toxins which circulate throughout our bodies and this is a powerful suppressor of the human immune system and this is where aromatherapy will play a vital part in the reduction of stress related illnesses.

This course shows how to use the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy to combat stress in our day to day lives. This programme is of great value to stress counsellors, aromatherapists and complementary health therapists.