Business Communication (Byte Size)



Business Communication (Byte Size)

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Communication is essential in all business. It is important at all levels and in all areas of organisations what ever they do and where ever they are. In this course we look at some basic communication theory that you need to understand to help you communicate more effectively.  Communication is a complex subject as we, as human beings, are complex, our work tasks are complex and our world is becoming increasingly more complex.

Communication skill is an enabling factor that allows us to perform the work of the organisation. It is essential for business success and as an individual, you need to be an effective communicator for your future career.

In this course we look at some communication models and some effects on and barriers to the communication process. It is obviously important for us to understand how these might arise, if we want to improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency. We also consider how organisational structure affects the flow of information required for co-ordination, decision-making and awareness.

The term communication covers a vast field of study. There are many books you can consult on specific skills such as report writing, presentations, interviews, and body language. The aim of this course is to cover basic concepts which will help you in the world of communication at work.