Business Operations



Business Operations

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This is a course about how to manage a small business.

It places emphasis on developing an ability to properly assess business opportunities, particularly giving consideration to financial considerations.

Some people have an intuitive ability with money, where everything they touch turns to gold, others need to take a much more conscious approach to handling money if they are to maximize their assets.

Similarly, some people have an intuitive ability to organize - this is something a successful business manager must do. Records must be kept in order and documents must be easy to find.

Throughout the course the student will develop their ability to make better decisions with respect to the following sorts of problems:

  • How to better invest money.
  • How to capitalize on your assets.
  • How to buy more economically.
  • How to minimize costs.
  • Deciding how much to keep in reserve for a "rainy day".
  • How often to structure your budget.
  • How to determine costs.