Business Studies A Level (Full AS + A2)



Business Studies A Level (Full AS + A2)

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Business Studies A Level Course

This course is ideal for those interested in learning more about business structures in the contemporary marketplace. This course provides an overview of modern business models, major topical issues and stakeholder perspectives, and through it you will learn how to evaluate both the internal structures and the dynamic external environment operating on a business. 

This A Level Business Studies home learning course offers a comprehensive overview of business models, from planning and financing a small business, to human resources and management issues.

This course was designed to:

  • enable candidates to focus on the dynamic nature of the contemporary business world 
  • provide opportunities for research into topical business issues
  • offer opportunities for the development and application of a full range of academic skills
  • explore real business situations
  • be practical in the application of business concepts
  • understand the role of the entrepreneur and business in society

This course is aimed at those seeking an A Level qualification in preparation for studying business at a higher level, as well as those who wish to develop their knowledge of business, in general.