Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship (RQF) Level 3



Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship (RQF) Level 3

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Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship (RQF) Level 3

Want to be the next Alan Sugar or Karen Brady? Being an entrepreneur is an undoubtedly rewarding career, but it's also hard work too. There are a lot of challenges that you'll face and risks involved.  You'll need a clear vision, lots of determination and a great team around you. Starting your own business starts with a great idea. Whether it’s a product or service that people need, you're more likely to be a successful entrepreneur if you do something you're genuinely passionate about. Really caring about what you do will give you the drive to keep yourself going.

The iCQ Level 3 Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship RQF Qualification (601/5412/3) offers you a range of knowledge and skill units to enable you to develop and demonstrate your entrepreneurship expertise. Entrepreneurship is both a career opportunity in its own right and a career skill. An increasing number of employers are seeking to recruit employees with entrepreneurial capabilities.

If you're thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, then our course for entrepreneurs will engage you in some exciting activities that'll provide you with entrepreneurial training.

What will you learn on this Entrepreneurship course?

Studying our Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship will provide you with the principles of supply chain management, financial control and future growth planning. You'll also learn about

  • How to create and maintain a professional network
  • Making a detailed business model for an idea
  • Undertaking competitor analysis for a business
  • Identifying the resources required
  • And much more. 

All of this will help you develop excellent entrepreneurial skills.

What qualification will you get?

iCQ Level 3 Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship (RQF) is the name of the qualification that you’ll receive after finishing  the course. It’s listed on the RQF at level 3 (Qualification Reference Number: (601/5412/3) and is nationally recognised. 15 credits have been assigned to this home study course.

What can I progress onto after the Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship (RQF) Level 3 course?

There are many more qualifications that might be appropriate for you, depending on your career goals and the sector you work in. The following distance learning courses are examples you may wish to undertake:

What are my future employment possibilities?

This training and qualification is suitable for you if you are planning to start your own business in any sector and become an entrepreneur in the fullest sense. The Certificate in Practical Entrepreneurship (RQF) is also suitable if you wish to carve out a career in industry because entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset which is highly valued in progressive companies.

Relevant higher level job roles include but are not restricted to:

  • Managers and Senior Managers
  • Project management
  • Product Development
  • Business Innovation

There are lots of employers out there who highly value entrepreneurial skills highly. Entrepreneurial skills are becoming more necessary to thrive in more senior job roles. This entrepreneurship course will allow you to develop a new skill set.  You’ll learn new ways of thinking that will enable you to progress in your existing job role.

Great news! If you study this “how to become an entrepreneur” course then you have the option to either fund the course yourself privately, or we are able to offer you the course funded using a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. Please click the “fees tab” for more information on how you can fund your course.