Conscious Romantic Relationships



Conscious Romantic Relationships

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The incidence of troubled, unfulfilling, and failed marriages/relationships is at an epidemic level, and the Conscious Romantic Relationships course is designed to create an evolution in the levels of introspection, emotional awareness, and communicative skills, needed to make relationships the healthy, self teaching, and lasting experiences they so often could be.

Couples with mainly unconscious energy running through their relationship run a high risk of experiencing repeated difficulties that eventually lead to the ending of the relationship. What is more painful, is that many times both partners still care deeply, and even still feel love for one another, and are at a loss of knowing what went wrong.

If only they had the knowledge that they needed to save the relationship.

The Conscious Romantic Relationships course will give you and your partner the knowledge that you need to solve long standing relationship struggles at last, and to bring into being essential changes that will create a solid, fulfilling, loving, and long lasting union.