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The inter-disciplinary nature of Criminology makes it a difficult term to define, this is because there are several ways of looking at it, depending on the background of the person defining it.

About Criminology

Criminology is:

". . . knowledge concerning the etiology, prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency.  This includes the measurement and detection of crime, legislation and practice of criminal law, as well as the law enforcement, judicial and correctional systems."

In brief, the study of Criminology deals primarily with crime and punishment and our understanding of crime in the social context.

Throughout this Criminology course we will consider how we define crime, what cause crime and the consequences of crime. We will also consider the U.K legislative environment and what impact this has on the laws that are passed to try and mitigate the effects of crime. We then move on and look at a whole range of different types of crime.

Given the current focus on crime prevention at both a local and national level there has never been a better time to study a Diploma in Criminology. There are a whole range of career opportunities waiting for you once you have completed your course, ranging from Community and Voluntary work to Police and Probationary work. You could even find yourself working in Journalism or for the Government!

Put simply, Criminology offers a range of job propspects and is a very interesting topic to be involved in!