Culture of Organisations (Byte Size)



Culture of Organisations (Byte Size)

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Organisational culture is an extremely difficult issue to define since there are so many inter-relating components:

Power -- Who holds the legitimate authority and who makes the decisions in the organisation? These authority figures and decision makers may not be the same people.

Politics -- What types of different relationships exist in the organisation and whose views have unofficial influence?

Values and beliefs -- What do the decision makers believe in, and how well are these values accepted by the rest of the people in the organisation?

Ideologies -- What underlying philosophies influence management style and procedures? Is there a recognisable policy of how to deal with people?

Social influences -- What are the different social pressures on behaviour?

After participating in this course, you should be able to:

  • explain the component parts of the culture of organisations
  • understand the impact of each component on managers.

In working through this session, you will practise the following BTEC common skills:

  • Managing and Developing Self 
  • Working with and Relating to others
  • Communicating
  • Managing Tasks and Solving Problems
  • Applying Numeracy
  • Applying Technology
  • Applying Design and Creativity