Diet and Nutrition Advanced



Diet and Nutrition Advanced

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This is a comprehensive course on all aspects of weight management and weight loss. It looks primarily at the science and physiology of weight loss and the evolutionary biology of humans in relation to diet and nutrition - gene optimisation is a key factor in weight control. It also looks at lifestyle factors such as stress management and exercise, which affect our ability to lose weight.

The course provides the latest in scientific research on weight loss and covers many evidence-based aspects of weight management and lifestyle.

The course includes new scientific thinking on weight loss such as the carbohydrate hypothesis, optimal gene expression, the role of insulin, medical myths surrounding weight loss and the very latest scientific findings on obesity and weight loss.

The course is designed for anyone with a keen interest in weight management both for themselves and to help family and friends to lose weight. It is comprehensive and goes into some scientific detail while being accessible to anyone.

The diploma is suitable for those wishing to set up their own weight loss consultancy practice and gives a thorough grounding in how to set up and run your own weight loss clinic.