Dog Grooming Professional Advanced



Dog Grooming Professional Advanced

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Dog Grooming Advanced Course

The Advanced Dog Grooming course will teach you grooming techniques for dogs, cats and small pets. You will find that learning about grooming pet can be a very enjoyable and rewarding.

The Advanced Dog Grooming course provides an excellent basis on which to learn about the finer, advanced aspects of the subject. It explains the different grooming styles suitable for more challenging breeds e.g. poodles. It will provide you with the essential knowledge that you need to care for pets in a responsible safe conscious way.

Learn about things that will help you build a strong bond with your customers, so they will provide repeat business throughout the life of the pet.  This Dog Grooming Course also covers useful methods on how a dog groomer can expand their range of services.  

About Dog Grooming

The Dog Grooming Course will also assist you build a professional portfolio of Factsheets that you will find a useful resource, which you can use within your business or just to give to friends and family that need advice.

The Dog Grooming course is ideal for people who have taken the Dog Grooming Professional Course and those who already have some grooming experience, whether they are a groomer, considering a career working as a dog groomer, breeder or just want to gain a more advanced understanding and knowledge of dog grooming.