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Dog Obedience Trainer

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Dog Obedience Trainer

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” - Corey Ford

Are you struggling to understand why your dog is behaving the way he/she does? Do you want to gain more control in your relationship with your dog? Do you want to become a professional Dog Obedience Trainer? Then this course is for you.

The average person does not know and understand exactly how a dog thinks and how our care of them truly affects the way they will behave. This is where the benefit of dog obedience classes comes into play. Dogs are actually happier and more well-balanced with proper obedience training, and they deserve the people in charge of their learning and welfare to be professional in their approach, education and quality of service.

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to develop a career in dog training, whether you are interested in teaching individuals or groups on a part-time basis or wanting to develop a full time business.

As well as learning how to construct an 8-week basic training course, you will be able to offer puppy socialisation classes which are designed to expose puppies, from 2 months of age, to a wide range of experiences which will enable them to embrace new situations without fear.

The course is designed to provide the knowledge required to become a professional Dog Obedience Trainer, but is also well-suited to any dog owner who would like to encourage good canine behaviour within their own household.