Dowsing for Health



Dowsing for Health

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Dowsing is an ability we all have and can connect with. It is present within each of us since birth. It is used as a way of bringing our rational awake consciousness into present communication with our own intuition and inner knowledge.

When we explore and interpret the world around us we tend to depend on our five primary senses. These are, smell, taste, touch sight and hearing. As we are so dependant on the information given by these five senses we tend to lessen our observation that serves as our inner knowing-knowledge by using them so logically and without question.

This course is an invitation to enable us to explore a uniquely personal and yet easy path towards creating better health and well being both for ourselves, and others around us. In it you will be guided through, opening up the doorway to your inner wisdom. This will enable you to learn to understand what the body needs in order to be healthy and how best to stimulate your mind in a way that is of benefit to you.