Dress Making and Fashion Design



Dress Making and Fashion Design

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Dress Making and Fashion Design

Whether your ultimate aim is to make a career of Fashion Design, to run your own business as a Designer/ Dress maker or maybe just to be competent at making your own or your children's clothes, then by choosing this course, you're well on your way to fulfilling your dream in Dress Making & Fashion Design.

About Dress Making

Because of who we are, we choose to wear particular garments in a variety of styles and colours. And the options we choose are as varied as our personalities. Some of us even prefer to make a real statement about our personality by being non-conformist and wearing something that will shock!

The course is structured to teach you an awareness of both fashion items and the industry by encouraging you to look around you. You will learn about fabrics, patterns, and the basic equipment you will need for garment construction.