European Community Law (Byte Size)



European Community Law (Byte Size)

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In this course you gain an insight into the way in which the law of the European Union (European Community law) impacts upon the business community at a national level.

The European Union now represents a vast market and a window of opportunity for UK business and commerce. The basic principles which underpin the European Union are well known - the freedom of movement of capital, goods, services and people. What is less well understood is how the European Union has achieved these objectives by the emergence of a new legal order binding on Member States, with much of the impetus coming from the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Community.

The aim of this course is that you should understand how the European Union uses the law as the medium by which it achieves those objectives.

To this end you will study:

  • the emergence of the European Economic Community
  • how the European Union is administered/governed by the four main institutions
  • the sources and general principles of the European Community law
  • how European Community law is integrated at a national level
  • the contributions of the Court of Justice to this process
  • how European community law is enforced at both a national and European level.