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Financial Services

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Money is the raw material of the financial system. Money has no value in itself but is thought to be valuable because it represents real goods and services and because it allows people to make transactions, save, borrow and express value.

A market is any place or situation where buyers and sellers come together. Financial intermediaries come together in financial markets and buy and sell a wide range of financial assets or securities. Each market concentrates on a particular type of financial asset.

The course has been designed for someone without any prior knowledge of the financial sector and it will allow the student to study the course at their own pace in their own home.

On completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Distinguish and understand the key functions of a financial system
  • Identify, retrieve and analyse major sources of financial information
  • Prepare a report on recent developments in a selected area of the financial system
  • Organise and make a public presentation of the draft contents of the report and prepare a final report incorporating the outcomes