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Forensic Science

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Forensic Science

Forensic science (or ‘forensics’) is the use of science and technology in analysing criminal evidence. It is used to provide impartial, factual information to support criminal investigations.

This challenging field of work has recently experienced increasing popularity as a result of various television programmes, such as CSI. If you enjoy science, have an enquiring mind and attention to detail, and want to help solve crimes, this course is ideal for you.

About Our Forensic Science Course

This forensic science training course offers an introduction to forensic science and an overview of the principles and techniques of the discipline, including crime scene investigations, investigating computer-based electronic evidence, crime scene equipment, analysis of evidence, and presentation of evidence.

This course is suitable for those with a keen interest in forensic science or who are looking to further their knowledge in this field as a foundation to a higher level of study.

What Could I Do After Taking This Forensics Course?

Build your career. If you wish to build your forensics career, you could continue your training and education in human anatomy and physiology, statistics and criminology: subjects that are essential to this field.

Obtain a degree. To work as a forensic scientist, you’ll need a science-based degree. Alternatively, if you want to focus on electronics casework, you could go on to gain experience and qualifications in computing, electrical engineering, and the like.

Work as a forensics lab support assistant. If you’ve already earned a HND, BTEC or A-level in science, and have some work experience, you could apply for a position as a forensics lab support assistant.

Forensic scientists earn an average of £28,000+*/year.

Source:, March 2013