Foundations of Wills Writing



Foundations of Wills Writing

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In this unique course the student shall become accredited with a certificate in the Foundations of Wills Writing. To acquire certification, the student will be assigned the construction of his own valid Will, meeting all legal requirements necessary for probate.

This document will be checked and returned with suggested amendments by our legal team to produce a binding and valid document. The student will then possess a fully executed will, without incurring the cost of solicitors' fees.

This course is applicable to the Laws of England and Wales, encompassing all requirements to produce a valid will for the following persons and circumstances:

  1. The single parent/person with or without children.

  2. The married couple with or without children (individual and mirror wills)

  3. The couple who are expecting to be married (individual and mirror wills) and intending to have children.

The general directions in the wills shall contain the following options:

Appointing Guardians. Leaving various gifts of items or money. Estate to spouse or other persons such as siblings, nephews/nieces, grandchildren, charities, and/or on Accumulation and Maintenance trust for minor children.

The will of the single parent contains the option to appoint guardians who shall inherit the estate.

The course does not deal with inheritance tax issues of a taxable estate currently valued over £255,000, discretionary trusts, property severance, life interest trusts, residence for cohabitees, or split family residuary gifts.