Government and Politics A Level (Full AS + A2)



Government and Politics A Level (Full AS + A2)

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Government and Politics A Level Course

This course guides you through the AQA Government and Politics specification, preparing you for your AQA A-Level Government and Politics examinations.

The course covers relevant contemporary topics such as participation, political parties and pressure groups, as well as the governmental structures of both the UK and the USA. It encourages you to consider the connections and differences between political systems, aiming to develop a critical understanding of political processes and the ability to evaluate policial systems.

This A Level Government and Politics course encourages you to become engaged in the political process as an informed and active citizen.

This course has been designed to encourage you to:

  • develop your critical thinking skills and the ability to interpret, evaluate and comment
  • develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of the structures of authority and power within the political system of the United Kingdom, and how these may differ from those of other political systems
  • acquire knowledge and informed understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the individual
  • develop an interest in and engagement with contemporary politics

This course is aimed at those who want to gain a greater understanding of modern politics, as well as being an ideal complement to many other popular A-Levels, such as Economics and History.