Holistic Back Practitioner



Holistic Back Practitioner

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A number of therapies have success with back problems to various degrees. One shortfall with this is our own individual uniqueness. What works for one, may not work for someone else. The basis of this course, is that it offers a bundle of techniques, approaches and ideas from a broad spectrum of therapies that do work.

This gives the practitioner the ability to work out a treatment plan for the individual that stands the best chance of bringing lasting results.

Ten most frequently reported conditions of which unconventional therapy is sought by Americans.

1. Back problems *

2. Headache *

3. Allergies

4. High blood pressure

5. Arthritis

6. Digestive problems

7. Insomnia *

8. Anxiety *

9. Sprains and strains

10. Depression *

* In these conditions, unconventional therapy was used far more frequently than standard medical treatment.

(D. Eisenberg, et al. Unconventional medicine in the United States; Prevalence, costs and patterns of use. New England Journal of Medicine, v328, n4, January 28, 1993, pp.246-252.


This course would be of great interest to any therapist who would like to expand not only their knowledge, but the vast potential of their practice. Back problems affect nine out of ten people at some time in their life. In addition, more working days are lost each year with back pain.


No other course offers this collection of holistic approaches to the most common of problems that people suffer. Indeed, it is not only other therapists that stand to gain from this knowledge, anyone may study to practice as a holistic back practitioner.