Hospitality BTEC Level 3 Diploma



Hospitality BTEC Level 3 Diploma

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Hospitality BTEC Level 3 Diploma Course

The BTEC Level 3 Diploma Hospitality gives you a practical, real-world approach to learning based on real-life work and studies. It will give you a good insight into the industry and you will gain a range of skills to help in your chosen career.

They allow you to demonstrate your skill and knowledge in practical situations with your work assessed throughout the year and there is no final exam test at the end. 

Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Hospitality is designed for those who have a clear view of their future career or want to progress to higher education.

It is important that you have the opportunity to gather evidence in a practical work based environment.

Qualification credit value: a minimum of 120 credits. (500/8196/2)

How will I achieve my qualification?  

During your course your Assessor will support you and give guidance on how to collect evidence and the requirements of the qualification. You will have to research and investigate areas of the hospitality industry and provide evidence to prove that you understand the subject and are competent in the subject matter. The evidence you collect can be any combination of:

  • Assignments
  • Reflective accounts
  • Case studies
  • Professional Discussions with your Assessor
  • Expert Witness Testimonies
  • Observations of daily work