Diet & Nutrition Level 3 Certificate (RQF)



Diet & Nutrition Level 3 Certificate (RQF)

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Diet & Nutrition Level 3 Certificate (RQF))

This course is designed to provide information about nutrition, to help you to put together meal plans. With dietary needs and lifestyle choices now more varied than ever, being able to cater to all preferences is important. Whether you work with children, in healthcare or in the care sector, an awareness of allergies, intolerances and healthy food choices can make a difference.

What is the RQF?

The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) is a qualification cataloguing system. The RQF is regulated by Ofqual and rates courses according to their difficulty.

Is this distance learning course right for me?

You must be over 16 to study this course. Although no previous qualifications are required to enrol, learners may benefit from having studied at Level 2.

The programme is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition and how to apply this to a family or work environment.

Overview of the Diet & Nutrition Level 3 Certificate (RQF)

This qualification will give you the skills and confidence to offer dietary advice and help others to follow food plans. Allergies can be life-threatening and if you’re in a position of responsibility, it’s particularly crucial that you can understand food labelling. This course will also help you to understand the ingredients that go into products and their nutritional value.

Create adaptable meal plans to support the food choices of family members. Anyone following a restricted diet must ensure that they get the nutrients they need. This qualification will give you an overview of how eating well can help you to maintain your health.

Find out more about the dietary changes that people involved in sport and fitness should make to improve their performance. Increase your knowledge of steps that can be taken to avoid problems such as dehydration.

The course will give you the tools to be able to provide guidance on everything from avoiding obesity, to reducing fat and sugar intake.

What can I do once I have successfully completed the Diet & Nutrition Level 3 Certificate (RQF)?

This course will equip you with the understanding to make a difference in a job role working with people. It will also show your commitment to progressing in your career and help you to stand out in applications.

If you want to become a professional nutritionist, or specialise in an area of consultancy, you could also go on to get a degree at university.