Japanese Holistic Healing Practitioner



Japanese Holistic Healing Practitioner

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Japanese Healing Methods date back thousands of years but have developed over the centuries to assimilate many other methods from many other cultures. The result is a rich and highly flexible set of holistic healing methods with a strong foundation in the concept of energy balance, and resulting use of life coaching, physical therapies, spiritual healing, exercise and nutrition.

In this course we study a wide range of aspects from Shiatsu and Japanese Herbalism, to how Life Coaching, CBT and relaxation therapy can all play a part in Japanese therapy. Other topics like hydrotherapy, Japanese Massage, Colour therapy, Crystal Healing, Chakra therapy, Martial Arts in therapy, Moxa treatments and many more are also covered.

The course is written to enable the graduate to adhere to the NOS National Occupational Standards for Healing. Basic interviewing skills (written around the NOS Counselling 1995) and Exercise and Nutrition modules (written around Allied Health Profession NOS) are also included.

The graduate will be qualified to practice as a Japanese Holistic Healing Practitioner.