Management, Unions and Employees (Byte Size)



Management, Unions and Employees (Byte Size)

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In this course we look at the concept of the human resource specialist being a consensus negotiator.  This is one of the seven fundamentals of contemporary HRM: a broadening of the personnel/HR role to encompass the situation where managers were no longer in a position to make unilateral decisions. It was necessary to win employee consent.

We look at the progress of employee relations and the concept of employee involvement. Involvement is largely concerned with preventing or alleviating the alienation that can arise between employee and management in the execution of particular jobs. As many employees may be included, procedures for involvement need to include a collective approach and possibly the recognition of trade unions.

We then go on to look at health, safety and welfare. First we consider some definitions and then look at the development of this area in relation to personnel management. Legislation has been built up to cover many aspects and we look at this in detail. In the 1990s, concern about working conditions that prevailed in earlier years is replaced by issues of stress and concern for the individual operating in today's social and business environment.