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Marketing Course

Marketing is concerned with identifying and satisfying customers' and consumers' needs. Its aim is to ensure that the business is able to anticipate changes in these needs, and to gain and retain customers efficiently and profitably.

About Marketing

Although marketing is concerned with satisfying these needs, its scope goes far beyond the process of selling goods and services. Indeed, to be truly effective, the marketing process needs to be present throughout the entire business process, building on a broad understanding of the markets which the business serves, designing into the product or service the characteristics which consumers and customers will find attractive and ensuring that the entire business adopts policies and strategies that cater for their needs.

Marketing is sometimes presented as a discrete, specialised function or as a set of techniques. But as this marketing course will make clear, a more appropriate understanding of marketing only emerges when it is viewed as a business philosophy or as a principle around which the business can be organised and managed.