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Marketing Management

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The value of the area of study which is called Marketing or Market Management is widely recognised in the modern world of business. A majority of firms, both large and small, contain departments or personnel with the word marketing in their title, for example, Marketing Manager, Marketing Services, The Marketing Department.

Individuals working within these organisations may possess only a vague idea of what marketing is, and would usually associate it with selling and advertising, which are its two most conspicuous aspects.

Alternatively they may think of marketing as that part of the organisation's business which relates directly to the customer, for instance, publicity, public relations, market research, etc.

In fact, marketing is all these things and more. It is a manner of approaching business which allows the organisation to achieve all of its objectives with the maximum efficiency.

It is essential that all members of an organisation have an awareness of what marketing involves and its implications for the entire staff. This includes all personnel, from the person who operates the switchboard to operatives on the factory floor.

This is because all of these people have a contribution to make in terms of the organisation's effective marketing effort.

In everything we do or see there is a marketing concept behind it, be it a branded item of clothing to a charity asking for your donation. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge, to both understand the marketing concept and how to implement a marketing plan.