Marketing Strategy



Marketing Strategy

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This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to contemporary marketing theory and practice. During your studies, you will become familiar with the importance and the fundamental thinking of this core management function.

You will use a wide range of concepts and techniques to analyse the external environment and to develop practical and creative strategies to meet its challenges.

Senior managers operate in a complex environment of rapid change both within and outside their organisations. Organisational life is full of messy problems that cannot be neatly compartmentalised into one specific management function and decisions may need to be made at short notice with incomplete or even conflicting information.

As a manager, the quality of your decision making will depend on your ability to select and combine the best and most appropriate ideas and techniques from a range of management functions and know how to use them.

So whether you are a marketing manager or work in another function, such as finance or human resources, you will need to understand the language used by marketing practitioners and have a sound grasp of the concepts and approaches that marketing offers.

This course will provide you with a toolbox of ideas and methods to help you make sense of your organisation's complexity. Through the six study units we build the basic principles and provide comprehensive coverage of the main theories of marketing set in the context of modern business practice.

You will learn how to understand your customers' needs; how to focus scarce resources most effectively though marketing segmentation and targeting; brand building through the right marketing mix; as well as the development and implementation of marketing plans. This is reflected in the more specific unit objectives.