Middle Years Award in Positive Parenting



Middle Years Award in Positive Parenting

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This is a bespoke course that has been designed to promote an understanding of 6-12year olds and their specific needs. It is unique in its endeavours as it captures all the elements of child development, psychology and attachments within the psychosocial  development of middle childhood and offers candidates a greater understanding of the complex  developments that are present at this stage, and how best to address them.

Middle Years is more than a group of learning and teaching strategies, rather, middle years education provides a framework that connects students needs i.e., resilience, relationships, increasing responsibility, academic vigour and relevance in learning in a strategic way that promotes continued student engagement, achievement, and growth.  The term “middle years” describes children at the end of primary school (6yrs) and beginning of secondary school (12yrs).  They experience heightened emotions, are progressively seeking greater independence, and develop their individual identities and value systems.  Intellectually they have a growing capacity for reflective and abstract thinking and begin to make decisions about adult roles.

The main Aims and Objectives of the course are to show you have an understanding of the Middle Years through an increased self awareness resulting from the training.  This will enable you to build on relationships with children and young people through your interpersonal skills enhancing communication and understanding by reflection of your personal development.

This is a fantastic course for anyone wishing to start a career in the health and social care industry around middle childhood, i.e. Foster Carers, Parenting Practitioners, Teaching Assistants, Teachers, Social Workers, Social Work Assistants, School Nurse, Child Care and Youth Workers, in fact anyone wishing to pursue a career working with this age group.  It is also an exceptional tool for existing workers who require a greater understanding of middle childhood.

You will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the role and development that is relevant to middle childhood, and the legislative context that child carers operate within.

Obtain an understanding of the personal and interpersonal skill needed at this level

Explore the transitions in education, independence, self confidence, and personal-responsibility of the middle-years age group.