Moon & Health



Moon & Health

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This course should enable you to work with your body and health.

It shows how to enhance your health without using any chemical stuff.

Your body reacts and improves if you work with it at the right time.

The moon travels within 27.2 days through the 12 zodiacal sign. Each sign has a specific quality of the day and rules over a part of the body. Aries is a fire day. It rules over head, brain, nose and eyes. Therefore we do whatever we can when it comes to those parts of the body. You might feel that your body feels warmer on these days or you react more to heat. Your body might need more water during the Aries days.
At the end of the course you should be able to use all the knowledge and see improvement by doing so.

Anybody can do it. Be it a person working with health issues or a person just starting out to the adventure. Anybody interested in health could have a lot of fun doing this course.