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Nail Technician Professional – Acrylic

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If you are considering a career as a qualified nail technician, our distance learning Nail Technician – Acrylic course is the ideal course for you. It contains all the elements you require to study from home in order to become a fully qualified nail technician and to secure professional indemnity insurance to practice professionally either from home, mobile or in a nail bar or salon. The Nail Technician – Acrylic course also includes information on manicures so that you will not need to do a separate manicure qualification in order to complete this course.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic overlays are probably the most popular type of artificial nail used within the industry due to their durability. They are often applied as an extension to the client’s natural nails. Acrylic nails are sometimes referred to as “liquid and powder” as they are applied using a combination of a polymer powder and a monomer liquid. The “liquid and powder” work together to provide a durable natural looking fingernail for the client. Generally acrylic nails will last between 2 – 3 weeks, after this period maintenance and infill procedures will need to be carried out on the client’s extensions to keep them looking natural and well maintained. Our Nail Technician – Acrylic home study course will teach you all the techniques you require to be able to carry out these treatments.

The work of the nail technician:

The work of a nail technician can be varied and rewarding. Not only will you apply, repair and remove false nails or extensions, but you will also offer basic treatments such as manicures and pedicures as well as ensuring your client’s nails are free from any skin or nail problems before you begin the treatment. You could also study further so that you are able to paint designs (using an airbrush) and decorate your client’s nails.

The role of a nail technician is a rewarding and diverse one. On completion of our distance learning nail technician course you will be able to begin your new career.

Free with this course:

In order for you to be able to practice your skills throughout your training you will receive:

Instructional DVD. This course comes with an instructional DVD which will give you a fully step by step demonstration on how to apply a set of Acrylic Nails. If you would like to view a brief sample of the DVD, please click here.

Hand Trainer and Kit valued at £99.00 - Includes The Nail Trainer hand and desk clamp; and 20 nails.

Acrylic Liquid & Powder Kit valued at £66.00 (includes: Acetone 60ml, Acrylic Liquid 50ml, Liquid Plastic Dropper, Acrylic Powder Clear 40g, Acrylic Powder Pink 40g, Acrylic Powder White 40g, Nail Glue 3g, Tip Blender 15ml, Nail Primer Pen, Sterilising Spray 60ml, Sterilising Gel 60ml, Black Beauty 240/240, Cuticle Oil 10ml, Nail Fresh 100ml, Lint Free Pads Qty 50, Dappen Dish Qty 2, Sable Brush No. 8 Round, Manicure Sticks Qty 5, 20 Olympic Assorted Tips, 20 Active Assorted Tips, 20 Ultra Assorted Tips, 20 Big C Assorted Tips, 20 French White Assorted Competition Tips, 20 Natural Assorted Competition Tips, Pink Tip Cutters, Square Horseshoe Nail Forms Qty 50, Duraboard 100/180, Duraboard 240/240, White Block, Quick Shine Buffer, Kit Bag with Instructions)

What can I do after taking this course?

Become a Nail Technician. If you are interested in beauty and fashion this is the ideal course for you. On completion of this home study course you will be able to secure professional indemnity insurance so that you can either practice professionally as a fully qualified mobile nail technician without having to do any further courses, or alternatively you can seek employment in a beauty salon or nail bar. Nail technicians earn on average over £16,500*/year.

*Source:, Sept 2012.

Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Nail Services. This course has been developed in line with the national occupational standards and has been developed to cover the basic theory knowledge and to equip you for progression onto the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Nail Services should you wish to follow this progression route (Please note: You are not required to complete the NVQ in order to practice professionally, you may practice professionally on completion of the nail technician home study course alone).