Neuro Linguistic Programming - Advanced



Neuro Linguistic Programming - Advanced

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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioners help people come up with solutions in their lives to a wide range of complex problems and situations. NLP is often used in therapeutic work, personal change work, motivational work and sales or presentational cases. This can mean working with a diverse range of clients with all sorts of personal and professional problems. You will gain the knowledge required to work with a range of different people, with varying issues, from different backgrounds. NLP tools can enable you to assist them in formulating new answers and strategies in life.

Achieving a Practitioner level in NLP involves the demonstration of high levels of knowledge and a high potential level of competence in managing, training and coaching others. The course contains the agreed content as recommended by a number of international organisations for Practitioner grade. It also relates this content to the NOS National Occupational Standards for Counselling (ENTO 1995) and a number of additional range statements.

This professional practitioner training course is designed to provide competence in the use of NLP to a recognised level. Practitioner level is equal to that of an advanced Diploma and is designed to enable specialised NLP practice. This Qualification is appropriate for students wishing to work in a professional context as a stand-alone professional practitioner.