Oriental Health Diagnosis



Oriental Health Diagnosis

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Illness can be diagnosed by identifying whether there is a deficiency, sinking, stagnating or rebellious chi. [Rebellious-chi is any chi that is flowing in the wrong direction]. These are called “Identification of Patterns of Illness”. Chi is an unseen energy, yet it is present in everything. The body contains chi, fluids and flesh, which represent air, sea and land. Their presence, in Chinese philosophical thinking proves that the human body is a micro-universe.
To the Chinese the human body represents the entire universe. This is the reason why they emphasise a need that to live, people need both a balanced and an integrated lifestyle. To the Chinese health and wisdom go hand and hand.
This course aims to teach you how to use Oriental diagnosis for assessing the nature of your client’s condition. You will be taught to identify disease patterns and then how to look at disease diagnosis.