Performance at Work (Byte Size)



Performance at Work (Byte Size)

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Training activity may place emphasis on a number of different factors:

  • the development and acquisition of knowledge
  • the development of skill
  • the changing of attitude.

Defining the current position and identifying what is needed in the future in each of these areas is a complex and challenging task for managers. Every individual employed in the organisation ought to be covered in the assessment and identification of training and development. This includes research scientists, salesmen and saleswomen, accountants, typists and chief executives.

After participating in this course, you should be able to:

  • describe ways of identifying training needs
  • recognise potential solutions to identified training needs
  • describe methods for monitoring training
  • identify methods for reviewing the performance of individuals
  • understand discipline and grievance procedures
  • describe strategies to support employees in improving their performance.

In working through this session, you will practise the following BTEC common skills:

  • Managing and Developing Self
  • Working with and Relating to others 
  • Communicating 
  • Managing Tasks and Solving Problems 
  • Applying Numeracy
  • Applying Technology
  • Applying Design and Creativity