Photo Journalism



Photo Journalism

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Today's media frenzied world is controlled by the use of pictures even more so than the written word. Nowadays we can see and watch events as they unfold, almost instantly. The use of the internet has increased the speed at which we can view images of events. 

In this course you will be learning how to structure captions, short stories and articles and you will find that the ability to do this successfully is vital. Ask any Picture Editor in the country and you will be told the same: a picture can be worth a thousand words, but without a caption it's often useless.

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to 'think pictures' and will need to cultivate a news sense and 'think journalistically'. You will discover as the course unfolds that this thread must continue through all your work. It must emerge in your pictures, your captions, and the linking ingredient that comprises a further discipline of interviewing.