Planning and Decision Making



Planning and Decision Making

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We all know that some people and organisations always succeed while others never seem to do quite so well. Many people put success down to 'luck', especially those unsuccessful individuals who persist in reflecting on their 'bad luck' rather than on their not too effective or non-existent plans.

Whether we are talking about a swimming gala, an international company, a newsagent's shop, a charity or a country, it could be argued that good planning is the single factor which makes one organisation, individual or project more successful than the next.

Planning is the most basic - and some would say the most important - of all management functions. If an organisation is to be effective, everyone involved must know where they are going and how they are expected to arrive there. Planning bridges the gap from where the organisation is now to where it wants to be.

It makes it possible for organisational development and change to occur and for businesses to achieve their desired goals. The development of an organisation and the quality of the work it produces also depend on effective decision making.