Planning Information Systems (Byte Size)



Planning Information Systems (Byte Size)

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IT has powerful effects in a globally-networked world. IT-based information systems have enormous potential to enhance important business features such as productivity, profitability, quality, customer service, creativity, and decision making. We now need to consider what we have to do if we want to successfully implement IT-based information systems.

We see how they must be planned for, justified, constructed, operated, maintained and protected if they are to enable and support the business. We also explore the concerns that managers face as they deal with information systems.

This course concentrates on what must be done before we begin the development of any information system; to plan.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the relationship between business planning and information systems planning
  • identify the major issues raised by the need for information systems planning
  • identify the key role of information systems requirements in the information systems planning process
  • relate business systems requirements to the choice of information technology architectures
  • assess the economics of systems development.