Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Care



Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Care

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To understand the history and context of Poverty we need to see where poverty came from, how it was understood and what structures were developed by society in order to understand poverty.

The course covers:

  • History and context of Poverty
  • Definitions of Poverty
  • Developing eligibility
  • The development of social work as a profession

The term Social exclusion was used primarily in Europe in the 1980's and adopted here in the late 1990's to explain and describe a concept perceived as a serious issue in the UK. When new Labour came to power in 1997 one of the first initiatives to follow was the introduction of the Social Exclusion Unit.

The course covers:

  • Social exclusion and how it is defined
  • Poverty and social exclusion
  • Social inclusion
  • Social exclusion and social work

In this course, we consider the social work role in relation to inclusion and social control. We look at some of the interventions which social workers carry out and how and consider local projects and examples of good practice.

The course covers:

  • Issues of inclusion or control
  • Social work Intervention
  • Practice examples of developing social inclusion