Pricing and Distribution Management (Byte Size)



Pricing and Distribution Management (Byte Size)

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In this course, we look at the price and place elements of the marketing mix. Pricing is a key ingredient of the marketing mix and one that creates revenue. We look at three ways of deciding pricing levels in the market and show the importance of a marketing-orientated approach. Generally, price is a controllable variable in the mix. In the UK, there are new challenges to marketers with the introduction of the euro as a base currency for business to business dealings in Europe.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • appreciate the role of pricing in the marketing mix
  • differentiate between key approaches to pricing products, and evaluate their relative strengths and weaknesses in given situations
  • distinguish between strategic and tactical pricing situations
  • recognise the factors which lead to price-based competition
  • appreciate the challenges to European marketers of the introduction of the euro
  • explain the strategic and tactical importance of distribution management
  • distinguish between direct and indirect distribution systems
  • identify key changes in the distribution environment
  • select appropriate distribution channels for given products and services.