Sage 50 Accounts Level 3



Sage 50 Accounts Level 3

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Accounting is a fundamental element of business; being able to perform accounting duties is a beneficial and impressive skill to possess.  The Computerised Accounting Level 3 course continues to progress your journey within accounts, equipping you with the advanced skills required.

You will learn how to set up discounts and process sales and purchase orders.  You will learn how record quotes in your business.  You will learn how to set-up foreign trader options in preparation for trading overseas.  Overall, you will acquire an advanced understanding of accounting in practice.

This course is beneficial for anyone who has previously completed the Level 1 and Level 2 course.  The courses overall are ideal for anyone wanting to start up their own business and take control of their own business finances.  In addition, this course will enhance your employability skills and make your CV more attractive to prospective employers. 

The Level 3 course is suitable for intermediate learners who have previously completed the Level 2 course and who are aiming to become advanced learners by the end of the programme.

Once you have completed the Level 3 course, you will be fully competent in using the computerised accounting system.  You will be able to record your own accounting records or offer those services to prospective or current employers.