Scriptwriting - TV, Film, Stage, Radio



Scriptwriting - TV, Film, Stage, Radio

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The nuts and bolts of writing scripts for TV, Film, Stage & Radio!

Big screen, small screen - certainly there's money to be made, there's glamour and fame. But scriptwriting demands more than straightforward writing skills.

If you have a dream, our course together with your tutor will give you the wherewithal to move that dream from your mind onto the page. From there you will be taught how to market your unique talents.

Starting with this essential course in Scriptwriting, you will be taught the fundamental skills of writing the feature film script, from the original idea to finished screenplay. You'll learn how to apply your new found skills to every type of television and film script, from Comedies to Soap Operas.

Every part of the course reflects the needs and realities of today's television, film, stage, and radio industries, providing you with insight as well as practical knowledge.

So let your tutor and the School's Scriptwriting Course start you at the beginning and follow a well-defined path to successful and prosperous scriptwriting.