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Social Studies

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Have you ever attended a wedding and watched the faces of the near relatives, and wondered what sort of a marriage the couple would have - what influence the in-laws would have, how the housework would be distributed, where the household would be set up, etc?

Have you ever noticed the number of things you do without thinking - like wearing the right clothes, eating with the right implements, or talking in a particular way, and wondered why you feel it essential to behave in this way?

 Have you ever thought about society as such and wondered why some should be poor and others rich, why some should be considered more important than others?

Have you ever joined in a demonstration against the authorities and felt the need to participate actively in the governing process?
If you have answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, you are going to enjoy learning about the various institutions that make up society, how they function and how they influence your life. You will find it interesting to see how different "classical" thinkers have held different views about society and how there are different ways in which society can be studied.