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Sociology is essentially the study of human society. It examines the origins and development of society, human social relationships as well as the organisations and institutions within society. Sociology seeks to understand how human thoughts and behaviours both shape and are shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures.

About Our Sociology Course

This sociology training course provides a broad overview of the principles and practice of sociology. The course covers social systems, the socialisation process, common social institutions, social issues, social stratification and social organisation of groups.

What Could I Do After Taking This Sociology Course?

Build your career. Sociology covers such a diverse range of subject matter, and people who study sociology gain such a range of highly valuable skills, that many employers see a background in sociology as relevant and valuable.

Continue your training. If you wish to build on your knowledge of sociology, you could continue your training and education in sociology by studying psychology, business, law, criminology, economics, and other related subjects. You could even go further and obtain a sociology degree.