Strategic Role of Information Technology (Byte Size)



Strategic Role of Information Technology (Byte Size)

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The idea that information is a resource may not be new, but its significance is often misunderstood. Other resources, such as people, machines and money, are considered together but information is considered separately. Perhaps information is not like these other resources. Perhaps it cannot be used as a substitute for them, in an economic sense. For example, we can substitute people for machines in an economy where labour is cheap and plentiful. Can we do the same with information? Can information, that intangible and ethereal thing, replace heavy machinery, for example? Quite possibly, as it happens.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • define the purpose of information systems in business
  • list the components of modern information systems
  • identify the pressures driving change and corporate responses to change
  • classify different types of information systems
  • identify the impact of IT in a competitive industrial environment
  • analyse the potential effects of IT in your industry
  • map the relationships between key concepts.