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Study Skills (Byte Size)

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Whether you left school last year or many years ago, you may find that your learning skills - reading, studying, note-taking, and assignment preparation - need to be changed or improved to cope with the demands of  your degree or diploma examinations. In this course, you will be able to assess your learning style and study skills and, if necessary, develop new techniques that you will need to be a successful student.

As an adult student studying for a qualification by different learning methods, you need to be aware of two major differences from studying at secondary school level. Firstly, you are in charge of your learning; secondly, you will find that even more demands will be placed on your time.

To complete your studies successfully, you will need study skills and techniques that are much more efficient than those that you used at school. Those of you who are returning to study after a long break may also find that you are out of practice in the study skills you did have. However, as a more mature learner, you have many advantages. You bring to the learning situation experience, skills, and knowledge. These factors will be a great help to you because higher education courses are not about memory recall, but about understanding, thinking, evaluating, and applying knowledge. Rote learning methods are inadequate and inappropriate for the module you are beginning. This module particularly is about learning through "doing", and you will be able to develop these skills as you study and in your business life.

You may have some difficulty with the amount of reading required in some of your studies particularly as most textbooks have been written by academics and subject specialists. It is important that you become as efficient as possible in your study techniques. The first step is to assess your current skills. In this course we guide you in some techniques and disciplines that you will need to be a successful student.