Tasseography & Lithomancy



Tasseography & Lithomancy

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Imagination plays a vital part in the interpretation of the tea leaves in the shapes and symbols into which they fall.

This diploma course combines the Divination techniques of two popular methods of divination, Tasseography and Lithomancy (prediction from crystals and precious stones), both of which offer the opportunity to enter full time practice, as readers.

The power of crystals is long established and enhanced when applied to the art of prediction. Tasseography offers an additional means of divination, both social and pleasurable in its concept.

Neither of these two delightful Mantic Arts should be undervalued. Tasseography has its roots in Roman times, whilst Lithomancy can be traced back to Revelations ch. 21 v. 18, with its powerful Astrological/Zodiacal connections.