Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition Consultant



Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition Consultant

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Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition Consultant Course

The vegetarian and vegan diet will soon reach the point where one in ten people will consume it in one form or another. As research continues to validate the many health promoting advantages, Stonebridge Associated Colleges brings you a unique course that can put you in a very special position.

Diet can aid recovery, or help in the maintenance of all conditions of ill health. The vegetarian and vegan diets are at the cutting edge of nutritional therapy, and an invaluable aid to all involved in health.


The value of this course is broad. It is intended to give a solid foundation into the principles and values of meat free nutrition. It will aid therapists of all camps to improve their treatment plans effectively. Anyone involved in the sports field will find the course invaluable, as will others in many related fields.


Although the course covers all areas of vegetarian and vegan nutrition, the main emphasis is on healing through meat free treatment plans. Areas such as sports nutrition and bodybuilding are also covered. All therapists, as well as those involved in sports, medical and food areas, will gain much from this course.