Veterinary Support Assistant



Veterinary Support Assistant

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This course will offer the learner a rewarding way of learning everything required to enhance their animal care and nursing knowledge base. This course will cover the care of dogs and cats. It includes the employment help, first aid, Veterinary Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, equipment, handling,  diagnostics, Infection control, safety, parasitology, pharmacy, diseases, operation care and how to care for ill animals .

It would be Ideal for anyone helping out in a veterinary practice part time or at the weekend, or if your considering working towards a career in a veterinary practice, or for anyone caring for ill and recovering animals at home.

The course is broken down into 16 modules that contain the information needed to get the learner started in the field of animal nursing. Each of the modules will end with self marked exercises for the learner to complete. Colour pictures will be included to help enhance text and help readers identify items. The Scientific material will be presented in an organised, easy-to-understand format.