Women's Health (ProFemme) Practitioner



Women's Health (ProFemme) Practitioner

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The word ProFemme comes from the Latin word "Pro" meaning for, on behalf of, towards, favouring or supporting -,and "Femme" a french word simply meaning "woman". So in conjunction it means -towards femininity, supporting the basics of femaleness, becoming more effective as a female.

In the ProFemme practitioner course the student will acquire the latest information with regard to the intricate workings of the female body. These are subtle, inexplicable and are usually precipitated by the hormone system. The course will explain how the hormones influence ALL aspects of a female's life and how these can be balanced - naturally.

It will also outline the attacks on this system by pollution of various sorts and what one can do about it. By having access to this information and implementing it the successful student will lead a far more effective and fulfilling life, benefitting herself and all those around her.

The knowledge from this course can be used to set up a practice as a ProFemme practitioner. It will also become a valuable qualification for therapists wanting to increase their knowledge about their female clients or to combine with other courses such as counselling, stress management, weight consultancy and nutrition.